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Hey Ladies!

Wondering if you qualify as successful? Do you:

  • Help others
  • Inspire others
  • Are determined
  • Believe in progress
  • Give back to others
  • Face challenges head on
  • Exude confidence in your career
  • Break through barriers to lead the way
  • Support others and share your wisdom
  • Effectively manage certain areas of your life (ie. career, relationship, or health)

That is success! Now let’s get you feeling that way about your money.

Does this sound familiar?

You are making really good money but don’t know where it’s going.

Feel embarrassed about how poorly you’ve managed your money.

Tired of feeling like your money is running the show.

Struggling with financial disorganization and spending habits that feel out of control.

Tried creating a budget in the past but it didn’t work.

Feeling defeated thinking you can’t ever get ahead.

You are making really good money but don’t know where it’s going.

Tired of feeling like your money is running the show.

Struggling with financial disorganization and spending habits that feel out of control.

Feel embarrassed about how poorly you’ve managed your money.

Tried creating a budget in the past but it didn’t work.

Feeling defeated thinking you can’t ever get ahead.

Have overwhelming emotions surrounding money leaving you confused on where to start.

Have overwhelming emotions surrounding money leaving you confused on where to start.

Discover the money transformations in your future

Benefit 1 - Regain Control

Say goodbye to the chaos and uncertainty that comes with disorganized finances. Our proven techniques will help you gain control and establish a clear financial roadmap tailored to your unique goals and aspirations – because you deserve a rock-solid financial foundation!


Increase your CONFIDENCE. Know what is coming in and out of your account and eventually spend less than 10 minutes a week managing your money.

Benefit 2 - Develop Wise Spending Habits

Ever feel like your spending is more wild than a roller coaster ride? Say no more! No more guilt or confusion about your spending decisions. We’ll work together to identify patterns, address emotional triggers, and instill mindful spending habits that align with your values and financial objectives. You will spend with confidence instead of fear.


Feel at PEACE with your money. Never feel out of control with your spending again, you will know why you spend and you will have money to freely spend, all while reaching your financial goals.

Benefit 3 - Enhance Your Confidence

Unlock the confidence within you to make sound financial choices without hesitation. Embrace a new found sense of empowerment as you take charge of your financial destiny.


MANAGE your mind and your money will follow. You will learn to cultivate positive beliefs in yourself, boosting your confidence and creating the evidence your brain needs to believe it.

Benefit 4 - Cultivate Abundance Mindset

Bid farewell to scarcity and welcome abundance into your life. You will rewire your money mindset, fostering a positive relationship with money that attracts prosperity and success in all aspects of your life.


TRUST in yourself. You will have a system in place so you can focus your mental energy on other areas of your life, allowing more positive changes overall

Benefit 5 - Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Let go of any self-doubt or negative beliefs holding you back from achieving your financial goals. We’ll work hand in hand to reframe your thoughts into beliefs that will empower you to embrace a future of abundance and live your best life!


Feel OPTIMISTIC about the path in front of you. Your childhood and past will no longer dictate your future, you will be able to actively and freely plan the future you want and make that happen.

It’s time to BREAK FREE from your money stress & stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Start by getting your brain out of the way. Your brain is trying to protect you from pain and danger but you have evolved past that need. You need to become aware and mindful of your brains’ protective nature and think for yourself. Get my quick guide to Overcome Your Money Blocks to Enjoy Financial Freedom, above.

Here at Life Changes by You, we believe that every successful woman deserves to feel empowered and in control of her finances. Whether you’re a thriving entrepreneur, a working professional, or a seasoned executive, financial confidence is a critical asset on your journey to success.

We understand that the pressure of managing a busy career or business can lead to neglecting personal finances, resulting in disorganization and financial stress. Our unique approach blends practical financial strategies with mindset-shifting techniques to help you break free from money-related anxieties and embrace a healthier relationship with your financial future.

Our program is tailored explicitly for high-achieving women like you. We take pride in offering personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions, ensuring that you receive the unique attention and guidance you need to thrive on your financial journey. Whether you’re seeking to invest confidently, save for the future, or break free from debt, our expert coaching will be there to support you every step of the way.

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Client Experiences


"I recommend Amanda for any of your financial coaching needs. She truly cares about each of her clients and wants the best for you. Thank you Amanda. "


"Coaching was something that saved me from repeating the same generational curses that my family had. At 22 years old, I found myself nearly $50,000 in debt, renting a home, and barely scraping by. I am happy to say with coaching I am now free of credit card debt. I am now down to only two forms of debt: 1 car payment and 1 mortgage. It is pretty incredible to say that at just 24 years old. Additionally, I was able to navigate my money in a way that I will be able to retire when I am 51 if I stick with my current career path. Again, it took strategic coaching and tough conversations, but I made it happen. I am thankful for coaching and I am thankful to have the financial freedom I have today."


"Amanda is exactly the kind of person you want to help you when you're in a financial pickle. Kind and compassionate, she provides empathy plus solid advice."


"She (Amanda) has an amazing heart to serve combined with the boldness to tell you what you need to hear (which may be different than what you want to hear). She has your best interest in mind and will guide you to have an amazing financial future."


"Amanda has a natural leadership quality that creates a sense of safety in the containers she creates. She is transparent and honest with herself, giving grace to herself and her audience. I found Amanda to be a welcoming facilitator who also has command of the room and conveys a passion for herself and the people she leads."


"I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda for my Grief Talk Podcast. Amanda is very knowledgable, caring and compassionate in all areas of her life. She treats her clients related to money literacy learning the exact same way! I highly recommend her as a Coach to work with!. Thank you Amanda, for being a guest on my show. Your sharing will truly help others.""


"Amanda is very money savy and is always wanting to learn more about how to make your money work for you. She is very helpful about budgeting and knowledgeable on where to invest your money to grow for you and your future needs. I highly recommend her for all your money questions and needs."


"Life is always throwing financial challenges our way. Struggling to live paycheck to paycheck is really no life at all. Amanda can show you how to manage your budget and begin to live a life of prosperity one step at a time. I highly recommend you go to her website and setup a CLARITY session to get started. You will be in good hands."


"Amanda is professional, and caring and she loves what she does! working with her has helped me get a firmer grasp on so many things I had no clue were related to my finances. I would recommend anyone to one of her aha secessions."


"Amanda is an absolutely beautiful soul who takes the time to learn her clients situations and coach them to make the most of their financial opportunities! HIGHLY recommend Amanda! "