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There aren’t many secrets left in this world. We’ve got news is at our fingertips. The “secrets to success” have been shared by many people. It depends on what your idea of success is to determine who’s rhetoric you will follow. 

Are you a Susie Orman kind of person? 

A Dave Ramsey follower? 

Do you subscribe to many different avenues of financial information, such as Choose FI’s crowd sourced resources? Being a lifetime learner has taught me that I can learn about one area of finances (such as single stocks) but not have to integrate it into my portfolio. 

Wherever you start your journey, just know that it doesn’t have to end there. I began listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcast but learned that there is so much more information out there than he led on to believe. The financial world doesn’t have to be a scary space. 

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure” – Colin Powell.

Trial and error is a part of being successful in life, if you only did what was comfortable you wouldn’t achieve anything.

I like to think that we create our own financial journeys from what makes most sense to us. What makes us feel secure. And by what we want to do in life. Successful people live not only a financially successful life but a harmoniously balanced life in all areas of their life. Mental, emotional, financial, physical, relationally, and more. 

Here are some habits that help people financially find success.

10 Habits of Financially Successful People

  1. Communicate with their significant others. This is key. You need to be able to openly communicate with your partner before you start your financial journey.
  2. Set financial goals. Short and long term goals. Individually and together. Set them, re-evaluate them, reset them, and achieve them. Remember sometimes you will have to tell yourself ‘no’ so one thing in order to achieve another. It is not deprivation, it is patience and contentment.
  3. Set a spending plan. How ever this looks like for you. Plan your spending. Stick to it. And try to save where you can.
  4. Keep a low cost of living. Know that your spending plan is unique. Where you spend your money is up to you. Make sure it aligns with your values and try to cut costs where you can. Eating at home, instead of out. Seeking free activities. And planning ahead. 
  5. Learn from their past. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” Albert Einstein. If you want to improve from where you were learn from your past, shit learn from other people’s pasts too. Everyone has made financial mistakes but that is not the end of their journey, it is only a blip.
  6. Make informed financial decisions. Continue to learn. We are all lifelong learners and money is no exception. Find trusted experts (this doesn’t mean you need to spend money on them, try Google) that have been where you are and done the research. Sometimes the best option is the first one, but it shouldn’t be your only one. 
  7. Surround themselves with like minded people. Sometimes it can be hard when you are the only person in your circle of friends who is embarking on your financial journey. Turning down nights out with friends or breaking the norm can be hard. Surround yourself with positive role models. Turn your nights out into nights in with friends. You do not have to give up everything to start your financial journey. Stay positive and surround yourself with other positive attitudes.
  8. They do not procrastinate. “If you really look closely, most overnight success took a long time” Steve Jobs. Money can be a long game success plan or a quick turn around. Everyone’s journey is unique. The saying ‘time is money’ is true depending on how you are investing your money. Therefore, do not wait around too long until you begin. 
  9. Don’t stop or get derailed by others. Your financial journey is yours. Do not let people who do not understand bring you down. Be prepared, they could be those closest too you. Do not get pulled back because of their limiting beliefs. You have started your journey to change your life forever. Just remember, they are entitled to their opinions but do you want to be where they are?  
  10. Find contentment. This is the holy grail. When you find contentment in your life you have struck gold. Not much can affect your happiness at this point. Sacrifice isn’t a bad thing because you remember why you are sacrificing. Do I really need 10 pillows for my bed or is  2-4 enough? Do I need a new car because everyone around me is getting one? Do I need to make my house look like the one I saw on Instagram this morning? Nope. Moving on and it feels so good.