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More often than not people believe that they have to spend money in order to make memories, do things, or be entertained. Well it’s easy to find things that you can do by spending money, but there are plenty of things that you can do that will not cost you any money.

Below are 63 things to do instead of spending money:

  1. Knit.
  2. Do yoga.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Volunteer.
  5. Birdwatch. 
  6. Go fishing.
  7. Play cards.
  8. Take a nap.
  9. Play guitar.
  10. Take a walk.
  11. Do a puzzle. 
  12. Dance party.
  13. Call a friend.
  14. Read a book.
  15. Take pictures.
  16. Wash your car.
  17. Have a potluck. 
  18. Listen to music.
  19. Paint your nails.
  20. Plan a vacation.
  21. Make a wish list.
  22. Go to the library.
  23. Practice origami.  
  24. Try Geocaching.
  25. Declutter a room.
  26. Go for a bike ride.
  27. Write a bucket list.
  28. Watch a TED Talk. 
  29. Sit quietly outside. 
  30. Build an indoor fort.
  31. Play a board game. 
  32. Look up at the stars.
  33. Update your resume.
  34. Organize your closet.
  35. Balance your budget.
  36. Spend time outdoors.
  37. Meet your neighbors.
  38. Sign up for free class.
  39. Write thank you cards. 
  40. Organize your pictures. 
  41. Journal about your day.
  42. Start a gratitude journal. 
  43. Watch a movie at home.
  44. Listen to a free podcast.
  45. Rearrange your furniture.
  46. Sign up for a free activity.
  47. Visit with friends or family.
  48. Learn a foreign language.
  49. Take your kids to the park.
  50. Clean out your email inbox.
  51. Do household maintenance.
  52. Organize your files or recipes.
  53. Have a paper airplane contest.
  54. Visit a museum on a FREE day.
  55. Read a magazine or newspaper.
  56. Browse your local farmers market.
  57. Explore your city’s downtown area.
  58. Check out your community calendar.
  59. Discuss your goals with your partner. 
  60. Something you’ve never done before. 
  61. Brainstorm ideas for your next project.
  62. Download free meditation apps and meditate.
  63. Cook a new recipe with ingredients you already have.