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Over a year ago now I wrote a post where I stated, “I am RICH.”

And you know what I heard in reply?


Well that’s not surprising. People don’t want to talk about money let alone hear people talk about how much they have and everyone’s definition of rich is different.

But my definition of rich wasn’t a monetary value, I feel like I am finally living a life that is aligned with my values, my goals and my vision of the life I dream for myself and my family. It is my most fulfilled life and I am happy with where I am in this season.

I’ve recently learned of Ramit Sethi and his book and podcast I Will Teach You to be Rich (I’ve started to listen to the podcast but haven’t read his book just yet, it’s next in my queue) and this is the life I began creating for myself over 4 years ago.

  • Four years ago we became consumer debt free.
  • We created our first emergency fund (to this day we still have never used it).
  • Three years ago we started saving heavily for everything we could dream of and investing.
    I went on my first international trip (a decade in the making).
  • Two years ago we started looking into rental real estate.
  • We moved twice in one year.
  • And this year we are developing what our dream life will look like.
  • ***Plan to retire early***

So how do you go about creating and living your life so you feel rich too? Here is how you can start to live your life so you feel rich and fulfilled:

Ask Yourself

How do you feel when you think about money? And where do you think that came from?

Ask Yourself

Ask yourself, am I happy with where my money is going?

Ask Yourself

Where would I like my money to go?

Ask Yourself

What can I change now about my money to align with what I would like to be doing with my money?

These are the first few questions you can ask yourself in order to make lasting financial changes to create a better future for yourself.

If you want to bounce these questions off someone else I am here to help. Email me at and we can chat about what these answers look like for you.