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As a nurse in school it is drilled into you that you need to perform self-care to maintain your sanity while working in the healthcare field. This comes in many different forms including hearing healthy and physical activity to name a couple of common ones. 

When I first started nursing I wanted to improve my happiness and my mindset alongside my financial journey. I went to my local library and looked at the self help section and found a book that stood out to me called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. 

She bluntly went through testing multiple ideas from ancient times to the latest research and everything in between to determine how she could improve her happiness over a year. 

This book began to shift my mindset to focus on how smoke daily tasks can help clear up a lot of the stagnant energy that was in my life. I was able to let a lot of things go and focus on the things that really matter to me. In my learning and understanding I realize that other people’s perspectives provide them with a different way of living their life. 

This was very evident in the way Kevin and I are different. I really appreciate the way the Gretchen spoke through this book and so from there I looked into more of what she wrote. 

Another book that she wrote was called The Four Tendencies. These four tendencies help you to see other peoples perspectives, and understand their point of view, and why their actions make sense to them. The four tendencies include upholders, questionnaires, obliges, and rebels. As Gretchen Rubin said these four tendencies aren’t meant to make you feel boxed into a particular identity, but rather to act as a spotlight that can illuminate hidden aspects of your nature. When you understand how your tendency shapes your perspective on the world you can adapt your circumstances to suit your own nature.

When going through your financial journey there’s more work to be done then just adjusting numbers. Learning and knowing more about yourself can I help you improve your happiness, your goals, and your desired outcome. 

Through these four tendencies you can begin to open up possibilities for yourself through being more mindful of your personality. Here are the likely strengths and weaknesses of each tendency.


Captured from Gretchin Rubin’s site.


Captured from Gretchin Rubin’s site.


Captured from Gretchin Rubin’s site.


Captured from Gretchin Rubin’s site.

Each tendency has their pros and cons, there are fewer rebels and upholders compared to questioners and obligers. Obligers are the most common tendency.

I am a questioner, if you know me you probably already know this, although when I was younger many probably thought of me as a rebel instead. I hope that this information helps you dig more into yourself and understand your tendencies better.