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Financial stress is a growing problem for so many Americans, we need to focus on the emotional and psychological roots of financial behaviors that create financial stress in order to make lasting change.

For example, someone that grew up in low income household might hoard money and be overly frugal. Growing up with parents that overspent, can create a sense of entitlement or on the other end cause stress and anxiety. Everyone has their own actions that were caused by their past experiences.

If you want to create your own path to becoming successful with your money instead of being subjected to following in your parents financial footsteps, KEEP READING.

By addressing your beliefs, thoughts, and habits related to your money, it is possible to change your entire life.

If you’re not following through on the actions that you KNOW would increase your financial stability, your beliefs and experiences are likely to blame. Humans are creatures of habit, we do what we’ve seen and what we practice.

How do you make your decisions?

Are you impulsive, do you research thoroughly, or follow your gut?

Sometimes knowing why you do what you do is enough to make you want to make changes.  Recognizing and addressing harmful money beliefs is very important to your financial progress. Beliefs create and limit your reality.

It might only be a few faulty habits that are holding you back from the financial security that you desire. How exciting is that?

Your thoughts/beliefs are the seeds that grow into your reality you create for yourself.

Your beliefs are created by your thoughts, which affect your actions, which ultimately created the life you are currently living. Changing your beliefs can be the most powerful way to alter your life and change the entire life you have created thus far.

Three areas you need to believe in, in order to change your financial life.

Believe in Yourself

Self-confidence influence your ability to make decisions. If you do not trust yourself to make good decisions then you’re not confident in your ability to get results and change your life, you won’t persevere.

Belief in the Process

The information to get ahead is out there, FREE for anyone to learn and implement. BUT if you do not believe in the process you will not take action to change. Generally, people use new information to support beliefs they already possess, rather than to form new beliefs. If you believe that you can’t save money, you’ll look for evidence to support that belief. Information that is contrary to your beliefs is quickly discarded and ignored. This makes change especially challenging.

Belief in Those Trying to Teach You

Trusting someone can be soooo hard, we’ve be taught to think “what’s their angle?” especially these days when we are being sold to constantly. It’s funny though that our first instinct is to know their angle instead of how their product/service can help me. I am being sold to too and it gets old fast. I think if people were following their passions instead of a paycheck then trust in others would happen much easier. You need to find someone who’s first goal is to teach. Teach others the best way for their individual path.

Thoughts are the core to changing your beliefs with financial challenges. Enhanced beliefs lead to enhanced feelings, actions and results.

I genuinely enjoy talking to people and helping them with their money, weird I know, and want to help as many people as possible change their financial lives so they can live the life they’ve only dreamt of in retirement or maybe they don’t even think it’s possible.

I offer my Clarity Session which is 60 minutes, FREE to you, talking about where you are now, where you want to be and what it would take to get there. You will walk away with clear steps to reach your financial goals. Go to my coaching page to schedule now!